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Consider the Flashlight

There are household items in life, that just about everyone has. A flashlight comes to mind. Whether you have that handheld model or have gone hi-tech and rely on the one on your phone. The flashlight is a part of daily life. Who would put their flashlight down as one of their prized possessions? It doesn't necessarily come top of mind. BUT in your time of need - like when you can't find your favorite shoe, or you're trying to get ready and keep the baby sleep, or the power goes out in the middle of the storm; your flashlight is a lifesaver! 

The Chapter is like that flashlight; it provides guidance when you are looking for direction, it illuminates new opportunities, it helps you find connection, and so much more. For our members and the Greater Central Ohio community, COC strives to bring new light to life with bleeding disorders.

However, a flashlight is nothing without batteries. The batteries are the energy that makes the flashlight go; it's such a crucial component that the flashlight is worthless without them. You, our members, our donors and friends; you are our batteries. You are both the reason why we do what we do and how we accomplish the work. Your families, your needs, your children, your passion, and your future push us forward each day. We couldn't do it without you. Our batteries are what have grown our Chapter to what is today. From kitchen table to regional leader; from Annual Dinner to over twenty-four education and support opportunities; from a small Columbus group to engaging over 1,000 through the course of the year. You are some seriously strong batteries!

Our Challenge to You...

Our work is not done. New patients and families are being diagnosed daily, teens are transitioning to adulthood, members need support and to connect to those who understand their story, and there are still so many who have never heard of a bleeding disorder. We need your battery. Each one of you brings a unique experience and perspective to our COC family. You illuminate and shine a light on life with bleeding disorders. You ensure the work of the Chapter continues to grow. We challenge you to "plug in", whether that means coming to more events, trying out a new opportunity - like the Walk,  sharing your story, advocating for the community, or donating your time, talent and treasure. We can't shine a light without YOU!

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