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We Will Never Forget

During the 1980s, 12,000 people living with Hemophilia were affected by the HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis C simply by using their treatment product. Through tainted blood and inexcusable inaction, these champions faced these additional diagnosis with courage, valor, and determination. This dark time in our history is filled with pain, anger, and incredible loss. While we have worked to make tremendous strides in the safety of blood products, the communication and protection of those living with bleeding disorders; we will never forget those who were lost. 

In 2017, a permanent hemophilia memorial was created within the National AIDS Memorial in San Francisco. To date, over 200 names have been inscribed around the remembrance circle. To learn more about the Hemophilia Memorial Circle please click here.

This new web`page is designed as a memorial for those in the Central Ohio area who have lost a family member and want to honor them by listing their names here. This memorial is not limited to those who were affected by the Crisis, but any affected by a bleeding disorder that we have lost too soon.

Please use the form below to add the names of your loved ones.

We will NEVER forget. 

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