Benefit Auction Inactive

The Benefit Auction raises crucial funds for the operations and mission of the Central Ohio Chapter. If you missed your opportunity to bid in person, today's your day! These items are still available and open to bids or best offers by Friday, June 1st at 8p. You can join us in our virtual silent auction by following the steps below. Please feel free to share this link with family and friends.  Items are listed with their opening/current bids. Items starting under $100 will increase by $15 each bid and items staring over $100 will increase by $50 each bid. Once the bidding closes you will be instructed how to submit your payment. All items will be available for pick-up from our offices or at the winner's cost mailing can be arranged.

To participate, please do the following:

  • Select your items and determine your bid or best offer (starting bids are noted)
  • Email with your item and bid
  • We will update the website daily with the highest bids (and respond to your email with the current highest bid)


Please note: If an item reaches its fair market 'Valued' amount, we will consider that an instant buy and award the item to that bidder. I.e. X item is valued $100 and Bidder Smith bids $100. Bidding will cease and Bidder Smith will win item X.